“Pillow” hay net


Hay net:

makes the horse need more time to eat a hay portion – this is important not only because the animal has a long-term occupation, but also for its health;
Suspended in the box, it allows you to pass hay in a safe way and also, if necessary, give soaked hay;
it is a perfect solution for transport – hay suspended in a net at the right height is always available to the animal;
It helps to keep order in the stable. It significantly reduces the amount of wasted hay.

The hay net is made of 5 mm yarn, the thickest available on the market.

We sew “double” pillows from two layers of yarn – 4mm and 3mm.

The hay net is knotless and safe for the horse’s teeth. We offer hay nets with a mesh size of 2.5, 4 and 8 cm. 4 cm mesh is optimal for most horses – it reduces hay wastage and guarantees that the horse will eat the right amount of roughage.


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Hay net “Poducha” made of polypropylene, knotless yarn, 5 mm thick.

Mesh in sizes 2.5cm, 4cm or 8cm

We offer “Poduch” in any size according to the customer’s wishes.

Lines for attaching the net included.

The fabric from which the mesh is made is resistant to weather conditions (it does not soak up water and is resistant to UV radiation), but drying after rain will significantly extend its life.

Hay nets in paddocks should be set in such a way as to limit their contact with the ground. It is also important for the safety of animals.

Hay nets help ensure that your horse has constant access to hay. Hay nets extend the eating time and increase saliva production, which equalizes the pH in the stomach and reduces the risk of ulcer formation. It also reduces the risk of colic, which can be fatal. Hay nets can be installed both in the box and on the pasture where they help us keep the fresh forage and reduce the amount of wasted and trampled hay.
It is also a very good solution when transporting a horse on a trailer.

Each hay net is made to order.

We strive to keep the order fulfillment time as short as possible. As standard, it is 7 business days

Additional information

Resistance to horses :)

Siatka grubości 4mm, Siatka grubości 5mm

Pillow size

80cm x 100cm, 100cm x 120cm

Mesh size

4cm, 8cm, Siatka dwuwarstwowa

The color of the trim

Granat, Malinowy, Mięta, Violet


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