Slowfeeding is a slow intake of forage. So the nutrition that is closest to the natural one. On our farm inseparable in the pastures and in the boxes are hay nets! It covers 100% of the horse’s need for slow food intake. What is slowfeeding? Why do we support this idea? Currently, keeping horses in […]

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What is good hay?

Hay is not only an irreplaceable source of fiber, but also plays a significant role in the digestive process because it fills the horse’s gastrointestinal tract. It is very important for its proper, healthy work and every horse owner (especially a horse with a tendency to colic or ulcers) should take care that the hay […]

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Mass first!

There is probably an epidemic of horse thinness. Or maybe it’s a coincidence that I’m constantly coming across skinny horses and owners who are not doing anything about it. What is the reason? Ignorance? Savings? There is an advice for ignorance. However, if someone says that he keeps the horse at low cost it lights […]

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