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"Pillow" hay net

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    “Pillow” hay net

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    Hay net:

    makes the horse need more time to eat a hay portion – this is important not only because the animal has a long-term occupation, but also for its health;
    Suspended in the box, it allows you to pass hay in a safe way and also, if necessary, give soaked hay;
    it is a perfect solution for transport – hay suspended in a net at the right height is always available to the animal;
    It helps to keep order in the stable. It significantly reduces the amount of wasted hay.

    The hay net is made of 5 mm yarn, the thickest available on the market.

    We sew “double” pillows from two layers of yarn – 4mm and 3mm.

    The hay net is knotless and safe for the horse’s teeth. We offer hay nets with a mesh size of 2.5, 4 and 8 cm. 4 cm mesh is optimal for most horses – it reduces hay wastage and guarantees that the horse will eat the right amount of roughage.

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    Frame for mounting a hay net


    Frame for mounting the hay net on a wall or partition.
    size 62 cm x 42 cm
    Stainless steel kit.
    The frame is fitted with standard “pillow” nets in the size of 120x100cm