Hay nets to fit

Made to measure slowfeeders

Boots for horses

Because evey horse has five hearts!


Do it right! Do it natural way!

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Slowefeeding made simple

Imagine a herd of horses grazing lazily in the wild. They spend most of their day wandering in search of food.
Free-living horses travel up to 30 kilometers a day! In this way, they spend 18 to 20 hours a day, in the meantime resting. Unlike the horses we see in the stables, free-living horses spend only 4-6 hours a day motionless!

Horsekeeping - like a Boss

Our mission is to create and promote products that will simplify all aspects of caring for the pets you love. We hope that once you look around the site, you will find a lot of helpful information to help you keep your horses true to their nature.

Everything starts with hooves​

Modern models of horse shoes allow them to be used by recreational, racing and sports horses. Walking in long-distance rallies, western disciplines, in jumping or even eventing!

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