“Where are the Piece of Hay hay nets made?”

Each hay net was manufactured in our family company and tested by horses in our stable, which is located near Warsaw.

“What is the time to process the order?”

After receiving your order, we immediately proceed to the action! You will receive from us in the answer the order quote and the data needed to make the transfer. The delivery time is about 7 business days from the time the payment is posted.

“How long will I wait for the parcel?”

Shipments are always sent by courier company. Packages are with you within 2-3 days!

“I need an unusual size of hay net. Can you do it for me? “

Yes, we can make a net of any shape and size.

“How can I order a custom hay net?”

It’s best to send us your order by email to: pieceofhay@gmail.com.
If you have any questions, we are also available under the telephone number 791-107-628.

“What data do I need to provide when placing an order?”

To fulfill the order we need your name, shipping address, telephone number and e-mail address to facilitate the contact of the courier company. That’s all!

“What material is POH hay net made from?”

Our nets are made of a very durable polypropylene fabric. The thickness of the weave is up to 5 mm! This makes the mesh incredibly resistant to biting.

“Can I use the Hay Piece of Hay for soaking hay?”

Yes you can. The net works well even when soaked every day.

“My horse is shod, can it safely use a hay net?”

Leaving a shod horse in a box with a hay net always involves some risk. To avoid it, we advise you to hang the net a little higher, beyond the reach of horse hooves. In order to dispel all doubts, we encourage you to read the post about the safety of using hay nets – “Are hay nets safe?”

“Can I use POH hay for other animals like goats or sheep?”

Of course! We have customers who successfully use our nets for goats, sheep and alpacas. We also equipped a herd of fallow deer.

“My horse never ate from the net. How do you get used to it to save him the stress? “

The horse needs time to figure out how the net works. Initially give him some of the hay in the net and some loose on the ground in an easily accessible place. Best right next to the hanging net. It would be good if it was a small and soft hay, which is easy to pluck from the mesh. When he runs out of loose hay, he will start thinking how to get to it in the net. It is important that he does not do it with an empty belly because when he gets frustrated he can destroy the net.

We sell to most European countries, contact us by email: pieceofhay@gmail.com, if we do not yet support sales to your country. Have a happy shopping! :) Dismiss