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Benefits of hay nets

Benefits for the Horse of Using a Hay Net Slow, gentle chewing and consuming small portions of hay frequently is a fundamental principle in horse nutrition. Feeding hay in small mesh nets aids digestion, reduces the amount of feed your horse can consume in a short time. A peaceful life releases endorphins – that means proper digestion and healthier, happier animals! It relieves the boredom and stress that lead to ulcers and colic. It also prevents biting of boxing elements, weaving or mouthfulness. It prevents diseases of the respiratory system. It helps to maintain an appropriate body weight and keeps our horse busy for long hours spent in the box or in the paddock. Constant access to feed also means less aggressive behavior in the herd of horses. Slow hay intake regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome. Obese horses have a chance to lose weight. [shindiri-woo-slider id = “880”]


No more wasted, trampled hay = money saved! Feeding from the net can save up to 50% of hay costs The net is enough to be filled once a day! This is an amazing convenience for owners of many horses or guest house stables. No more rushing or getting up at dawn to feed hungry, loudly demanding animals. Feeding is quick and easy. Especially with our top-loading nets! The animals are calmer during feeding because they are not hungry. Soaking hay in nets is a breeze!