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Hay net in a classic shape. Ideal for hanging in boxes, on paddocks or in transport.
We call it a “bottomless bag” because it is incredibly roomy as if it had no bottom! Our favorite!

Using hay nets is a great way to save time and money and improve the quality of life of horses!
According to research, using a hay net reduces the amount of wasted hay by as much as 50%.

Good quality hay is not only an irreplaceable source of fiber, but also plays a significant role in the digestion process as it fills the horse’s digestive tract. It is very important for its proper, healthy work and every horse owner should take care that hay is available 24 hours a day. It would be best served in a hay net, which significantly slows down eating which is beneficial for horse’s stomachs, but also for the owner’s pocket.

The hay net is made of 5 mm yarn, the thickest available on the market.
The net is knotless and safe for the horse’s teeth. We offer hay nets in variety of eyelets sizes of 2.5, 4 and 8 cm. The 4cm is optimal for most horses, limiting the waste of hay while ensuring that the horse will eat the right amount of roughage.

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A hay net made of 5 mm polypropylene, knotless string.
Eyelets in sizes 2,5cm, 4cm or 8cm

We offer a hay nets in any size according to the customer’s wishes.

-The fabric from which the hay net is made is resistant to weather conditions (does not absorb water and is resistant to UV radiation), but drying it after rainfall will significantly extend its durability.
-The nets located on the paddocks should be hung so as to limit their contact with the ground and prevent digging with hooves in the net. This is also important for the safety of horses.

Each hay net is made for individual order.
We strive to make the delivery time as short as possible. By default, it is 7 business days

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