Hippo Safety Fence

The safest fence for your horses !

Hippo Safety fence

Hippo Safety Fence® is a very safe fencing system. A flexible tape is inserted in a holder and tensioned with a ratchet. The tape has a with of 47mm and a thickness of 1,5mm. The tape has a very soft surface and can not cause injuries. Very simple but very fonctional.

Visibility and safety are important characteristics of the Hippo Safety Fence system !

HSF can be used in several ways :

  • Alternative to post and rail fencing
  • Paddock
  • Horse walker
  • Dressage arena
  • Racecourses
  • Lungeing circle
  • Round pen

Extra visibility for wired fence



HSF is very visible for horses.  Grey has good visibility in green areas.

Quick installation

HSF is installed in very short time. The tape can be supported at 3 meter length between posts. Manufactured in 100 meter lengths , the strapping is easy to handle and use. Easy tensioning with the ratchet.
Installation guide.

No maintenance

HSF tape is made of UV resistant materials and requires no maintenance. When the tape should be broken by storm or impact of a horse, the tape can be connected with 2 screws and tensioned again with the ratchet. When a tape has to be replaced, you can quickly insert a new tape into the existing holders. Also, when it snows, the tape will not bend!


The strapping breaks before injuries can occur. It will break when a horse gallops into the fence. The fence is easily repaired. We suppose horselovers like to repair the fence instead of the horse…Breaking strength is approx.300kg.


The smoothness and flexibility of the tape prevent injuries such as cuts, splinters or more severe wounds.


HSF looks like a normal wooden fence. Well priced it is also more cost effective by comparison whith post and rail system.